Unwind offers consulting, project
management, technology and
design in the field of new media.

We see the internet and web technology as the glue of todays society:

it connects people, and people and systems.

Web technology

A web application, software that runs inside the browser, has many advantages over desktop software. It is inherently multi-user, easily extendable and is accessible on a wide variety of devices. You only need an internet connection!


We are specialised in building open source custom web applications to help solve any of your challenges in an elegant manner. Fair prices and no-vendor lock-in!

User Experience (UX)

Graphic design alone is not sufficient anymore. User experience, Usability and Interaction Design are methods and conceptual frameworks for understanding and describing a user’s needs. They help us design and shape interactions between humans and computers.



Full managed hosting

A web application is only as good as the platform it is hosted on. That is why we also offer fully managed hosting.


We take care of everything: security, back-ups, mail deliverability and of course plan the proper scaling of systems in case your website or app suddenly gets exposure in the media or is linked from a high traffic news outlet.

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“Creative and solution oriented, Unwind listened to and took on board all our requirements (all on budget and on time!). I would trust any other project to them with no hesitation.”

- Amélie Chantrenne, Project Manager
Insurance Europe
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“Unwind delivered something beyond our expectations for both the experience and operation of the site. Their creative and intuitive engineering skills provided us with a robust platform for new and old content.”

- Keith Bradshaw, Principal
Speirs and Major
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“Unwind has been a great partner in providing our core web technology for over a decade now.”

- Dennis Kleyn, CEO
Planet X, Amsterdam
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“Unwind delivers on time and on budget! These guys rock! Can recommend!”

- Daan Rademaker, IT Manager
Insurance Europe, Brussels
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“Unwind makes all our ideas possible, supported by their flexible CMS. Our revenues have increased due to our new platform!”

- Pieter van Rosmalen, Founding Partner
Bold Monday, The Hague
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