Project highlights


Setellite enables you to collect and register all your on set VFX data in an organized and effective way.

Brief summary

Setellite is build around the concept of creating digital forms used on any regular film set and in post production afterwards.


Setellite has been used on productions for Netflix, Apple TV+, HBO, FOX, NBC and AMC.

Design goals

Designed to be used during a (visual effects) shoot, Setellite keeps track of all scene-, weather-, location-, camera-, take-, plate- and reference data on a per slate basis and has been used for several Hollywood blockbusters and commercial shoots.


Real time, synchronized project sharing allows multiple users on the same set (or supervising different units) to work simultaneously with Setellite.

Easy exports

Setellite presents all these features in one solution and links them to a single 'datasheet' for each setup. The collected data can easily be distributed to other forms or exported in several ways and multiple, common formats.